About Us

We are Need. The coffee company for busy people like you. 

We’ve all been there: up since the crack of dawn, spinning at 6am, on-the-go toast for breakfast, a bombardment of emails, missed calls from your mum; your partner asking you what you want for dinner; your friend hungover and worried they messaged their ex; you: desperately needing a moment to yourself to restock and recharge. You need a caffeine fix. 

Need has your back. 

We’ve created beans for every moment in the day when you need that fix. We know how much you value a strong brew and how you savor the moment and  recharge before you’re off again. 

At Need we source the best coffee from people who we genuinely love working with, while treating it with the respect it deserves. We believe in creating an extraordinary coffee experience and making a positive impact every step of the way.

Our Founders

We're Jack and Natalie. It’s been an interesting few months, starting with Natalie on a night out… meeting with a friend who works in TV to then being cast in the new TV show coming out on Channel 4, with host Sue Perkins called Double the Money.

With extensive experience within the hospitality and events industry, we have served, met over and tasted lots of coffee. Moreover, we find ourselves constantly living in the whirlwind.

To combat this, we take solace each day, sharing a cup of coffee and a moment of peace, before cracking on with the day ahead.

In the last three weeks, we have built a sustainable and ethically source coffee brand for people like us and we're excited to share it with you all.